Construction Time Lapse Photography Camera System

Time Lapse Photography Systems in construction & mining projects are not only a highly effective documentation tool, but with the advancements in technology the increased effectiveness to project management is a great return on your investment.

We have an exciting new camera for the construction industry where our Time Lapse System is fully independent and can be self-installed creating huge cost saving’s. Being 3G and Solar Powered, you can now move the camera from location to location as your projects are completed.

Features & Benefits

The Relive It system is one of the only remote Time Lapse Camera Services to provide real time access to your images. This is combined with a professional editing service to provide high quality stabilised video’s to best display your project.

Our Clients

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Relive It

Take a look at the work that we put into making your Time Lapse video stand out from the crowd.

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The Relive It Time Lapse System

Construction Time Lapse Camera System

Our Time Lapse Camera System is sold outright and combined with a fully managed service to provide HD Time Lapse videos. It uses the 3G network and is fully Solar Powered.

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A Complete Video Production

Take your Time Lapse video to the next level when combining onsite footage of key milestones and interviews with key stakeholders. We have the expertise to provide this additional add on service.

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Timelapse Video Monitoring Applications

  • Marketing, Advertising & Documentation Material
  • Project Monitoring, Asset Protection & Risk Reduction
  • Stakeholder involvement via online web interface.
  • Dispute resolution through time-stamped image evidence
  • Archival documentation and examination