Construction Time Lapse Photography System

Construction Time Lapse PackageConstruction & Mining Camera & Service

The Relive It Time Lapse System captures images that can be accessed over the 3G network. These images are used to create Time Lapse movies that can show something developing that would usually take days, weeks, months or years to complete (like construction of a building) in just seconds. The Relive It Time Lapse Camera Unit integrates with a high resolution SLR to capture high quality photos. It then uploads those photos directly to the our servers to integrate with webpages, desktops and smart phones, as well as custom applications. It can also be integrated with movement, light and virtually any other sensors to enable smart image and photo capturing from external events such as vehicles passing, wildlife movement and lightning strikes.

Relive It System Run Through Video


Our Time Lapse Service is perfect for applications such as:

    • Project Monitoring, Asset Protection & Risk Reduction
    • Marketing, Advertising & Documentation Material
    • Stakeholder involvement via online web interface.
    • Dispute resolution through time-stamped photographs
    • Archival documentation and examination
As the Relive It System hosts a 14+ Mega Pixel digital SLR and a versatile ultra wide zoom lens, enormous control can be achieved to capture the perfect photo. It can even integrate with Infra-Red and Ultraviolet spectrum cameras. As the system is small, solar powered and self contained, it can be moved from project to project without requiring the involvement of third party contractors such as electricians and telecommunication experts. It's flexible design makes customation a relatively simple solution, and can be designed to operate rotational and movement mounts. For more information, please contact us