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Archie Green

Archie Green

Archie Green enlisted the help of Street artist, Elle street art to create some fantastic murals in their new restaurant. We captured the process with timelapse and created a really dynamic video show... Read More »

David Jones Store Upgrade

David Jones – Store Upgrades

Check out latest Time Lapse production in which were were contracted by David Jones to document their recent West Lakes store upgrade in South Australia. Read More »

MODSCAPE - The Avenue Hospital

Modscape – The Avenue Hospital

Modscape created a 1500sqm ‘cold shell’ ready for the fit-out of operating theatres at the Avenue Hospital. We captured the installation process with dynamic timelapse and video to showcase the proces... Read More »

EQ Tower

ICD – EQ Tower

EQ Tower is an architectural masterpiece standing in amongst the Melbourne City Skyline. The construction started back in December 2014 and is still being finished internally. Capturing the constructi... Read More »

Hacer - Pearl

Hacer Pearl

Check out the latest time lapse we created for Hacer Pearl. This video displays a brilliant perspective on the impressive residential project in the heart of Doncaster. Hacer - Pearl from Relive It on... Read More »

Garden State Hotel

Garden State Hotel

A new pub has hit Melbourne and we had the pleasure of capturing a video of the whole process. We used two long term timelapse cameras located at different angles and then, to finish it all off nicely... Read More »

Frankston Store
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Target - Frankston Store Refurbishment

Target – Frankston Store Refurbishment

Target Australia's Frankston store has recently undergone a major refurbishment to coincide with it's new 2014 brand launch. We have been there from the beginning to document this amazing transformati... Read More »

Sustainable Melbourne Fund

Sustainable Melbourne Fund – Solar Panels

Sustainable Melbourne showcase how they install their solar panel systems on top of a roof in the City of Melbourne. Using a range of equipment to capture this project created a dynamic video. Read More »

Ausco / Shape - Hospital

Ausco Modular / Shape Australia – Canberra Hospital

Ausco Modular and Shape Australia got us to come along and capture their latest project for the Canberra Hospital. We flew up to Canberra to capture some onsite footage through timelapse, drone and vi... Read More »

Karratha Airport Upgrade

Karratha Airport

Karratha Airport has had a major upgrade adding features like new security screening and baggage reclaim areas, additional arrival and departure gates, international capability with zoned immigration ... Read More »

CD Pools

CD Pools – Pool Installation

Take a look at our latest production that details the amazing amount of work involved in installing a swimming pool. The production makes use a wide range of production techniques including robotic ti... Read More »


Apex Landscapes

Apex Landscapes can transform any outdoor space into a beautiful masterpiece. Check out this backyard transformation we captured through time lapse and onsite video footage. Read More »

Bald Hills Wind Farm

Bald Hills Wind Farm

We have just completed our latest production covering the assembly phase of one of the many wind turbines located at the Bald Hill Wind Farm. This exciting project will supply clean and sustainable re... Read More »

Shepparton Hospital Upgrade

MODSCAPE – Shepparton Hospital Upgrade

Our latest production for MODSCAPE showcases the installation of 36 prefabricated modular buildings to create the extension for Shepparton Private Hospital in Victoria. Read More »

AV Jennings
AVJennings Renee3 AV Jennings

AVJennings – Renee 3

We are a very proud sponsor of the Renee Series by AVJennings in partnership with the Steve Waugh Foundation. The Renee series has been branded in honour of a unique young lady, Renee Eliades. Renee h... Read More »

City of Armadale 2015
City of Armadale New Office

City of Armadale Office

We have recently finished our latest production for the City of Armadale in Western Australia. The new four storey 5500 square metre complex provides accommodation for government organisations and som... Read More »

Karreman Quarries

Karreman Group

Relive It is proud to be working alongside Kerreman Quarries to cover their milestone construction. The Quarry has a major role in the supply of products including road base, asphalt aggregate & rocks... Read More »

2Construct Warehouse Facilities

2Construct – Warehouse Construction

Check out our newest time-lapse for 2Conststruct showcasing the Qube Logistics Warehouse construction. Qube Logistics is a company operating numerous warehouse's around Victoria. These warehouse facil... Read More »

Malvern Campus

The Learning Projects – Caufield Grammar

Relive It has extensive experience in covering the installations of modular building constructions.  Our latest was produced for Caulfield Grammar. The production showcases the wide-range of productio... Read More »

Simmons Civil Contracting – Luddenham Raceway

Simmons Civil Contracting – Luddenham Raceway

We recently completed a project for Simmons Contracting covering the construction of Luddenham Raceway in Sydney NSW. Sydney’s newest purpose built outdoor recreational and motorsport facility is set... Read More »


Spel Environmental

We had the pleasure of creating a time lapse combined with motion graphics to explain how SPEL’s unique biological Floating Wetlands are created. Take a look! Read More »

Seasol Cotton

Seasol – Cotton Fields

Seasol decided they wanted to capture a Cotton field being harvested. Here is what we created, a cinematic piece to showcase the process. Read More »

Caulfield Grammar

Caulfield Grammar

Please take a look at the first video in our latest production series that covers the modular building installations of three new learning wings for Caulfield Grammar. We made use of a wide range of p... Read More »

Purple Hills Painting

Purple Hills Painting

Our latest production was produced to showcase the extensive processes that are involved in Purple Hill's repainting a large commercial building. We used a combination of short and long term time-laps... Read More »

Mitcham Private Hospital Upgrade
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Mitcham Private Hospital Redevelopment

Mitcham Private Hospital Redevelopment

Our exciting new time lapse production shot in Mitcham, Melbourne focuses on the crane installation of a prefabricated modular building for Mitcham Private Hospital. The two day production shoot utili... Read More »

Salta Properties - Green Square
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Salta Properties

Salta Properties

At Relive It we don't just do time lapse! We also do video. Please take a look at a recent production for Salta Properties. It's a promotional video for their latest premium apartment release; “Green ... Read More »

Someville House Construction System
Somerville House Construction Somerville House Time Lapse

Somerville House Construction

Somerville House has appointed Relive It to cover the time-lapse construction of their new 5 Level School building. It will augment the school’s existing infrastructure with a key multi-functional fac... Read More »

DCWC - Modscape-Time-Lapse
Modscape Modular Building Video thumbnail for vimeo video Modscape - Australian Catholic University Modular Classroom Time Lapse

Modscape – ACU Modular Classroom

Please take a look at the latest building project from Modscape - a modular classroom wing for ACU (Australian Catholic University). Our latest time lapse video production was created using 2 cameras ... Read More »

Storage Solutions - Pallet Racks
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Caterpillar Warehouse Fit-out Time-Lapse | Relive It

Caterpillar – Warehouse Fit-out Time-Lapse

Please take a look at our latest time-lapse video of Caterpillar's new warehouse fit-out in Brisbane Australia. Storage Solutions was the provider of industrial storage and material handling equipment... Read More »

Bunnings Distribution Centre
Video thumbnail for vimeo video Bunnings Warehouse Camera - Interport DC Construction Time Lapse Video Bunnings Warehouse Camera

Bunnings – Interport DC Camera System

We have been contacted by Salta Properties to set up a time lapse camera as they build Bunnings Warehouse's latest Distribution Centre (DC) on over 43,000sqm of space at Salta Properties’ Interport Da... Read More »